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Plant Shadow

hi friends

My name is Allison Young

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Image by Amy Humphries

photographing what I love 

my hope 

 My hope is that my photos will remind people of the importance of nature and inspire them to advocate for its conservation.


We all have a calling in life. Mine is to capture images of places where humanity’s impact is almost imperceptible. I believe that it is our duty to maintain the wondrous landscapes and biodiversity that we inherited, keeping them intact for the next generation. 


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Image by Fabian Betto

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Image by Allison Heine

love notes

"Allison was the best. She made me and my fiancé feel so comfortable. She was easy to work with and our pictures turned out SO gorgeous. And of course she was down to get the best shot even if that included hiking a mountain!"


-Shauna & Trey

follow my adventures @ighandlehere

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